The most noble beans
with the most intense aromas


Heritage, passion, journey...

Founded in 1948 by André Canonica, the Swiss company Canonica SA was the legacy company to the SWISSCANONICA Group. Originally, the company was in the commerce and restaurant businesses. In 1968, it decided to get involved in an activity it had long wanted to be a part of: chocolate. The aim was to discover and share the tastiest concoctions reflecting high quality and originality through an extensive and elegant brand. It was from this family’s passion for artisanal and gourmet expertise that the luxury chocolate brand CANONICA was born.

From the launch of its first collection to the opening of its own stores and the creation of exclusive ranges for its major international accounts, the SWISSCANONICA Group has never ceased to grow its business and seek out new markets. The company is an expert at diversifying its ranges, creating products that meet its customers technical expectations, developing tailored solutions, and handling small and large scale production. Its ability to quickly adapt has made CANONICA a leader in the world of chocolate among consumers and a trusted business partner among companies.

Its growing international customer base is helping to write a new chapter in the CANONICA history book, with the brand’s expansion to such regions as Asia, the United States and the Middle East.

Premium chocolate

High-end luxury Swiss chocolate by CANONICA brand is a tribute to André Canonica. All range of chocolate are made with the best selection of ingredients from around the world. All of them are defined through professional judgment by flavors and texture to create a combination of tradition and modernity.


The passion

The accomplishment of a heritage of quality and excellence in combination with a story of passion which has been down through generations. Those are the pillars of the most memorable chocolate experience that CANONICA applies to this brand.

Our range of products is now
recognized thanks to our
chocolatier's team,
who won several awards for
the best chocolate.


Noble products and intense aromas,
a balanced blend of tradition and modernity