CANONICA chocolate


The selection of the beans

CANONICA expertise is developed in the confines of its workshops and combines modernity, originality and traditional recipes. From grinding the beans to recipe testing and refining the chocolate, each step in the process is carefully executed to pair the right flavours with the raw ingredients and allow the aromas to shine through. We start by selecting the finest ingredients with subtle and authentic qualities, such as rare varieties of cocoa beans, toasted hazelnuts and almonds, superior fruit purées and famous Swiss cream.

To offer chocolate of the highest quality and remain a leader in the field, CANONICA has now added cocoa bean processing to its repertoire of expertise in its workshop. The chocolatiers oversee the entire chocolate-making process, starting with the precious raw material that is sourced mainly from Madagascar and South America.

The creation

In 2011, the company created its own chocolate laboratory in Geneva in which all of CANONICA’s exclusive creations are made. As the business grew, a new laboratory with flexible infrastructure and cutting edge technology was opened in 2015 in the company’s Vernier facilities in the canton of Geneva. This is where the team of chocolatiers, recruited from the best schools, put their passion and excellence into creating all CANONICA products.

Handmade manufacturing

Behind every great chocolate there is the expertise of a Master Chocolatier. For many years, Samuel Romagné has imagined and created all of CANONICA’s chocolates. Exceptional cocoa beans, delectable fruits and spices and beautiful coatings, all help showcase extraordinary creativity. Bonbons and ganaches form the heart of the collection, which also includes unique creations embellished in brilliant colours that are made one by one, like true works of art.

Through the years, our Master Chocolatier has received a number of awards for his work. Mr Romagné won first prize for best chocolate during the Salon International des Chocolatiers in Geneva in 2013. He was a finalist at the Swiss Chocolate Master in 2015 and took home the Grand Prize du Chocolat Artisanal de Genève in September 2016. In October 2016, his spreads  “the newest additions to the collections” received bronze at the Swiss Bakery Trophy in Bulle. In November 2018, three new creations by our Master Chocolatier were awarded two gold and one bronze medals at the Swiss Bakery Trophy. Recognition from our peers in the profession is a sign of the quality of CANONICA’s chocolates.


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